Get Your Classifieds Ads on Google’s Front Page

How can you make your classified ads more SEO friendly? I wrote many ads on back page, usfreeads, and craigslist to generate traffic to my capture page.  As I watch the methods other people for their ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash; I have learned I can make my ads more to be on Googles first two pages for a given keyword.

I still continue to get traffic from my ads but now they appear on Googles pages and that creates even more traffic. Below i will show you how to get your free classified ads on Google’s front page.

As you can see my ad is on page 2 on Google for the keyword “the znz scam” without quotes. That’s beating out 1.3 million others. That is awesome.

znz scam

How did it do it

       I did the basic keyword research for writing an article. (As you should)  I used the keyword (znz scam) twice on this particular ad. This is a short ad with only a few paragraphs. One of the keywords is in bold in the beginning of the ad. The other is a hyperlink. A trick I learned from potpiegirl a few years ago in one of her articles.

 znz scam2

I hope you like this and can learn from it.

To Your Success,



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